Four Study Skills You Need to Develop to Get an A+ for Your Homework

We all understand the need for an education and put in our time going to class, doing the work, and passing the exams. However, doing those things is not always enough to truly be successful and get the best job or into the best program. Grades are an important part of the educational process and if you want to constantly earn the best grades for your assignments try these four study skills to achieve the top scores.

Skim, read, reread and read some more

One part of every class is to spend time reading textbooks, papers and articles regarding the subjects. These materials will give you the background information you need to do your assignments correctly yet many students tend to forget something as soon as they’ve read this. To improve your information retention capabilities after reading try following these strategies:

  1. Skim the material that you are going to read first, look at the summary and the introduction paragraphs then look at the title and headings within the material; skimming the material in this manner will create a structure for the information in your mind
  2. Read the material from beginning to end and mark or highlight any key points as you are reading
  3. Reread the material to ensure you did not miss any key points
  4. Review the notes and key points prior to beginning any assignments or taking a test

It may seem like a cumbersome process at first, but if you follow these strategies you will find that it shortens the amount of time that you spend studying and searching for the correct answers.

Create a study environment

Another study skill that most students fail to develop is to create an environment where they can focus. This does not mean you need to build a new room on your home or rent an isolated loft, but it does mean create an environment that is conducive to getting work completed correctly. This study environment may differ for each student, some may need their computer, others may need a television on in the background to create white noise and keep them focused. Each student is different so create the environment that works for you.

Master class notes

Taking notes during class lectures is one of the best study skills available to earn the best grades. Lecturers and instructors will often present every correct response to questions you will face during the class but the true art is to recognize those important points. In the beginning, it is helpful to record class lectures so that you can replay them later on if you have a question about a topic and would like to validate your notes but if this is not a possibility then you will need to just work on your note taking skills. Throughout the lecture make notes on key points or anything that is written down, jot down example problems as they go through them and finally, listen to the side comments from the lecturer, these are often important.

Utilize your subconscious

One final tip for getting the best grades possible on assignments is to utilize your subconscious mind. This does not mean to work with a psychic or hypnotist, it instead means that if you are struggling with a particular answer you need to step away. Focus your mind on something else, go outside for some exercise, watch a movie, or even go to bed early; when your mind is distracted the subconscious mind continues to work on the problem and when you return to the assignment you will most likely have the answer you were looking for to complete your work.

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