Looking For Checked Answers To My Homework Problems

If you're looking for checked answers to your homework problems there are multiple places that you can turn.

  1. When looking for checked answers to your homework problems the first place you want to turn is the back of your textbook. This is only applicable to those people whose homework assignments are taken from a textbook used in class. Not all teachers will do this but many courses such as math and science will. If you are relying upon a school textbook or other book for your class, there may be quizzes 10 chapter review sections and other types of review material included at the end of each chapter and this is typically where teachers will get the majority of the homework questions. If this is the case the back of the book tends to have the answers that you need. And the best part is these answers are definitely checked and they match your exact problems. If you cannot find these answers in the back of the book you can also look on the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes publishers and manufacturers will offer the same information but online so as to save them the printing cost. If you have your ISBN number from your textbook you can use this to log into the site and get what you need.
  2. Another great place to turn is a tutor. Look to see if your school offers academic tutoring services. Some schools provide peer tutoring and others provide professional tutoring. If they do not offer such services there are always professional sources available and learning centers in all major cities. These locations are designed to give you the specialized help that you need. In any case all forms of tutoring should be able to help you. If you meet with the tutor you may have to provide them with the actual questions and they will work through them with you and help you get the solutions in a specific Tutoring session. Alternatively they may require that you submit the questions ahead of time so that when you next meet with them you can compare the work that you did to the solutions they have. This is a particularly effective learning method because it allows you to go step-by-step through what you did and compare it to the correct steps so that you can see if there were any areas where you made a mistake.

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