How To Do Biochemistry Homework Assignments: 5 Rules

Biochem is definitely not an easy subject to learn so if you are studying biochem, you may need some help figuring out how to do the assignments. In most classes, there are similar structures and procedures, so we have put together five rules that you need to follow when doing your biochem work. All of these may not apply to your specific assignment or class, but they are still a good start and will give you an idea of what you need to do.

  1. In Class Prep
  2. One of the most important things you need to do to get your biochem homework assignments done well is to pay attention in class. It sounds like an obvious statement but paying attention means more than just listening. It is important to pay close attention to the lecture by taking notes and asking questions when you are confused. This keeps you actively learning the subject, and it will make it easier to remember what you learned after class so you can apply it to the assignments.

  3. Instructions
  4. Another thing you need to do is verify the homework instructions while you are still in class. Write it down and try to understand what you need to do before leaving. If possible, start the assignment in class or start an outline for it so that you can figure out if you really understand it before you leave the class. This way it is easier to ask questions while still in class rather than trying to get a hold of an instructor or classmate after class.

  5. Examples
  6. Get examples of the assignment from your instructor before leaving. This may not apply to all assignments but many of them will be repetitive and you should be able to get a similar problem or assignment from the professor that they can show you or just send with you so you can use it as a reference for your assignment.

  7. After Class
  8. When you get done with a class, you should always go over your notes and the homework assignment instructions as soon as possible in order to get in ingrained in your brain. Not only will it be easier to remember the concepts later on when you do the assignment, but you will also learn them better if you read them over and over. Things that you missed before will start to make sense- it’s the beauty of repetition.

  9. Read Non-Class Material
  10. If a concept is really confusing to you and your notes, professor and peers are unable to help you (or maybe they are just not very helpful in general), then go to the library and find a book on that subject. Reading other books will give you another perspective on the concept because they all tend to explain things differently. You can also do this with online sources but be careful to make sure they are from good sources, or they may end up giving you bad information.

Ultimately, doing biochem homework shouldn’t be that bad. The only hard part is to make yourself slow down and pay attention. For complex subjects like this you will definitely have to do some time and put in work in order to truly do well.

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