In Search Of Qualified Computer Science Homework Help

It can sometimes be hard to find someone who is a qualified in your subject area to help you with your homework. Many people may dabble in Computer Science and there are others who are really good at Computer Science but they may not be so good at explaining different concepts and issues.

If you are struggling then it may be an idea to have a chat with your tutor, who may offer some ideas or suggest some peer support. They may even suggest and after school homework session that they will support for a group comprising of you and your peers.

Also look online for some academic homework help websites. You will need to find websites that specialize in Computer Science support rather than a site that includes CS support.

What else do you need to know?

  • Does the website have qualified tutors? Do they share the same first language as you? This is really important as Computer Science seems to have a language of its own. If you getting help from someone who may be excellent at CS but have a different first language to you a lot gets lost in translation.
  • Any support by these websites should be familiar with the course and level of course that you are studying.
  • Have other people recommended the website? If they have, all of the recommendations and comments will be posted for new clients to see. Be a bit concerned if all of the recommendations are 5-star as they may not be accurate! Its great to get high rating but no-one can please everyone.
  • Does the website have the facility for you to discuss your difficulties with a tutor before you commit to paying for support? Ideally you should be able to tell the tutor your difficulties and then they will suggest a plan, and then outline the cost. It would be even better if the tutor was able to tutor by video link.

There are other websites that specialize in homework help in specific subjects. The will post instructional videos we well as webinars. You could ask your tutor if they are aware of any of these web sites.

There may not be a charge for using these sites, but you may have to register. This means that you will be able to receive emails about any new videos they have posted, but it should not mean that you have to give any bank or card details.

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