Building Good Homework Habits: A Step-By-Step Guide

We all like to have a good moan about homework. You study hard all day in class, you should get time to chill when you reach home. No doubt you can marshal the arguments about why homework is bad for students, but think a little deeper. There are good solid reasons why working on your own time is beneficial.

“Why do I have to do homework?”

  • First and foremost, working like this helps to build up a strong work ethic, and in this current economic environment, employers are looking for people who do not quit.
  • When you bring problems home it helps reinforce what you have learned over the day.
  • If you struggle with your after school work, then it could be an indication that you did not understand what you were taught. Your teacher will know this from your answers and can arrange to offer you extra help.
  • It helps to teach time management – a vital skill for anyone hoping to achieve.

How to get into the right habits

  1. Start young. Patterns that are learned early tend to stick through the rest of your life. This is the reason for 10 minutes per night of homework in 1st grade.
  2. Parents, let your children race around a bit after school. They have sat at a desk all day and they have loads of energy they need to burn off. No child will sit still until the need for play has been satisfied.
  3. Pick the same time each night to help build up the habit. For younger children the suggested time is just after school. For older children it could be after the evening meal.
  4. Work in the same place. If at all possible set up and “office space” to work in. This serves the dual purpose of having everything you will need for your work close at hand and making it a habit that when you sit in this place you get down to study.
  5. Make a to-do list or write out a homework timetable with all the deadlines highlighted so you can plan your time effectively.
  6. Work on subjects with the closest due date first. But also take note that if a deadline is two weeks away, your teacher will expect more effort put in than if you have be given a task to turn in for tomorrow.
  7. Homework really cannot be done while chatting to your friends on Social media. Power down your lap top and your cell phone.

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