5 Things You Didn't Know About The Side Effects Of Homework

The controversy over homework has gone on and on. The main reason why there is such a controversy over whether or not kids should have to do their homework is because of the side effects of homework. Not many people understand the negative things that homework does for the students. They just think about how it should be done, just because it has been done for such a long time. Just because it seems like a tradition, does not mean that it is right. Here are five things that you didn’t know about the side effects of homework.

  1. Incorrect practice
  2. If the students are not doing the homework correctly, they are practicing doing the problems incorrectly, which is only hindering their progress instead of helping it. Therefore, homework done outside of the classroom and away from the expert can prove to be more detrimental than helpful.

  3. Health issues
  4. There is a definite link between health issues and children who are pushed too hard. They are not able to get a balance in their lives and not enough time to get out and enjoy their childhood because they are stuck inside. They pull away from society and their friends. This can lead to depression and other issues.

  5. Family issues
  6. Families can struggle with homework. Some parents need to fight with their children to get them to do their homework. Some parents are unable to assist their children with their homework, so this can cause some issues at home as well.

  7. Less physical activity
  8. When children are stuck inside all day at school and then have to spend all night inside doing their homework, there is little time left for them to get outside. They don’t get any physical activity, which can lead to other health issues and weight issues down the road.

  9. Stress
  10. Homework can be very stressful for most students and even a lot of parents. The students have a long day at school and they just want to relax. However, when they get into the higher grades in school, the teachers may not know what the other teachers have assigned and they may overwhelm them with assignments. If this is the case, the children just may not have time to complete everything and that can be stressful.

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