The Main Pros And Cons Of Math Homework: An Overview

For years students and professors had arguments on this topic; is homework really necessary? Of course, we can not apply the same principles to everyone, but you can at least try to understand what is the best option for students. Mathematics is one of the most complicated subjects for many teenagers, and they are never willing to complete their assignments for this course. Here are the main pros and cons on this issue:

  • Disadvantage: It can make students dislike a certain course. This is one of the reasons why so many young students end up hating school: they have too much homework to do. It will take away all their free time, it will keep them away from their friends and it will prevent them from following their passions. On the long term, this can become a real problem.
  • Advantage: It will help students understand how to be responsible. During high school, most of the students have no responsibility; their parents take care of everything. The only thing that they have to do is to complete their assignments and study. It’s vital for them to understand that they need to be organized in order to be successful.
  • Disadvantage: It can destroy their grades. Let’s say that a student worked for an entire semester to get good grades. He fails to complete one assignment, so he receives a bad grade that will compromise all his hard work. This is difficult to accept by a teenager and it can lead to many frustrations.
  • Advantage: It helps the students learn how to work on their own. They spend a lot of time in class with their professor and they get used to ask for help even when they don’t need it. However, during an exam asking for help is not allowed, to they need to know how to handle the exercises on their own.
  • Disadvantage: It can make the student understand some concepts in wrong way. This is extremely possible when it comes to Math, because this subject in particular is extremely complicated. If a student understands a formula in the wrong way, it will be very difficult to memorize the correct version.
  • Advantage: It will develop their imagination. They will have to learn how to solve problems individually and without external help. This is a valuable skill for the future.

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