Tips For Students: The Best Songs To Do Homework To

Having music playing while you work on homework or concentrate on a task can be a big benefit because it can help to drown out background noises like people talking or a TV playing that might distract you or draw you away from your task. Some people are able to concentrate really well with music playing, while for others it tends to add to the distraction. But one thing that many people don’t think much about is what kind of music they are studying to. While it obviously varies for everyone, if you are struggling to find music to study to, start with these suggestions.

Electronic/Dance music

Electronic or dance music can be a great fit for studying and homework mix because it typically don’t have lyrics which can be distracting, it is upbeat and will keep you energized, and often times the tracks are very long which means there will be fewer song changes and transitions to distract you. There are many popular electronic DJs such as DJ Shadow and Skrillex that are a good place to start. Many DJs also have their music available for free on Youtube or other online venues.

Classical music

If electronic music isn’t quite your jam, but you are looking for something without lyrics as well, try classical music. There are, of course, the well known classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart, but if you prefer something a bit different check out modern composers such as Phillip Glass.

Foreign language music

Another way to get around distracting lyrics is to listen to foreign language music. Typically, because your brain can’t understand the lyrics, music sung in another language is easier to tune out.

Familiar music

If you are a person who has a little trouble concentrating with music on but not a lot of trouble, try familiar music that you know very well and know all the words to. This may mean playing top 40 hits radio or playing a CD that you’ve listened to a thousand times. Either way, the better you know the music, the more easily you’ll be able to tune it out.

Instrumental covers

Most internet radio sites have stations or instrumental covers which may have versions of the music you like without lyrics.

Movie soundtracks

Another great option for atmospheric music which won’t be too much of a distraction are movie soundtracks.

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